About Our Coffins and Urns

Starts with locally grown lumber. We do everything from start to finish with our sawmill and kiln. You can even bring in your own logs.

We Build to Order With Your Wishes in Mind

A unique hand crafted treasure­ not an impersonal factory made coffin or urn.
Each style on hand to preview. If ordered ahead, you can personalize by choosing the wood, finish and handle type.
Starts with locally grown lumber. We do everything from start to finish with our sawmill and kiln. You can even bring in your own logs.
By law, hand crafted coffins and urns are accepted by all funeral homes.


Personalized Interiors

Our standard lining is an elegant ivory crepe, however you can choose something different during the customization process.   Some things we have done in the past to customize a coffin include adding a cross to the lid, putting a picture on the inside of the lid, and adding a shelf for keepsakes on the inside of the lid for viewing.
We have also personalized the linings by using a specific fabric, like denim or camouflage, using a treasured quilt, or adding pockets to the lining for special items.  All our coffins come with an adjustable bed frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Funeral Homes object to privately purchased coffins or urns

You have the right to furnish your own casket or urn and ALL funeral homes must use it.
Funeral homes cannot charge you extra because you did not purchase a casket or urn from them. This right is guaranteed by the US Government under the Federal Trade Commission Rule 16 C.F.R. Part 453, also known as the Funeral Rule.
Families that plan ahead and shop for their funeral goods and services before the need arises can save thousands of dollars.
Families that get personally involved in the funeral process find it can be more meaningful.
Even if you have already pre-paid for a funeral, you still have the right to purchase your casket from a third party. It is a law in Minnesota.
For the free booklet Funeral: A Consumer Guide, contact the Federal Trade Commission at www.ftc.gov. or call told free 877-FTC-HELP.

What payment do you take?

We take cash or check for coffin puchases.  We acceptpaypal and credit cards for online urn purchases.

What if I prepaid for my funeral with a funeral home?

By law you can still purchase your coffin or urn from us.

How do your prices compare to funeral homes?

Our prices our considerably more affordable.  Usually saving you thousands of dollars.

Do you deliver?

Yes – Delivery is available locally.  There may be a charge for some delivery areas. 

Pick up is available, some have found this to help in the healing process.

Urns can be shipped.  

Can we come in and look at them?

Absolulty, this is encouraged.  Just call ahead 320-250-5089, and make an appointment.  We can make sure someone is here to help.  We are also availble weekend and evenings with an appointment.


How long does it take for a custom coffin?

4-7 days after all details are finalized.


Do you have some coffins available right away?

yes- we 5 standard styles available.


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